Tran Siu

Dedicated Ward Councillor Tran SiuTran Siu has shown a lot of dedication and demonstrated his strong will to improve the quality of life of those around him. We can say he is the new generation visionary and missionary. He has made an outstanding contribution to his community. His missions to make life better for the aged and the youth. He has been very active and vocal about it. He has set up classes providing internet education to the elderly people so that they can be aware of the technology and make use of it. Not only does he conduct anti bullying and anti-smoking campaigns at various local schools he has also set up an online website encouraging the youth to stop taking He wants to create a good reputation of the western suburbs which are often looked down by the local community. He loves to play soccer so every Sunday he provides free coaching to young boys who cannot afford to go to a professional academy to learn football. After contributing so much to the society it is no brainer that he should have been awarded the Youth Icon of the Year Award. When he was being given the award by the local mayor, there was a thunderous applause everywhere and Tran Siu appeared to be very happy. There were tears in the eyes of his parents. The Asian community was overjoyed as it could be seen from all the faces present there. It was truly a matter of pride for the Asian community. It was definitely a evening, which will be remembered many years later as well.

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Always Use Spill Proof and Vacuum Containers for Packed Lunches

I was in a rush! I woke up late and I barely had time for breakfast. I thought; why not bring my leftover chicken stew last night for lunch? Then guys from my roof restoration company came to have my reviews and discuss the reviewed cost of recently installed roof.  They took my 20 mins and I was so in a hurry and barely had time to think that I placed all the yummy stew in my regular plastic container with a lid. I just tucked it away in my bag along with other stuff that I had to bring to work.

By this time, I know you know what will happen next. I forgot about my lunch and simply had to hurry to go to work that day. By the time my presentation came around, which was before lunch, I was too shocked to continue! All my important papers and documents were partially soaked in stew. The reason why I was not getting calls all morning was that my phone was also soaked to the bone! If I just thought of using my vacuum food container then this would have never happened!

There is no doubt that I would never forget this day; I will never forget the day that because of my recklessness, I completely lost a good phone (with all the contacts too!) and a client got angry at me. I swear that I would never let stress get the best of me. And so I threw away all the regular containers that I had and simply used vacuum containers from now on.


Why vacuum containers are the best food containers

Vacuum-sealed containers are not just for preventing spillage. Most vacuum containers use some kind of rubber seal that seals the container carefully and thus makes sure that there will never be any spills no matter what type of food you have inside or no matter how you shake, move or invert your containers.

  • Vacuum – sealed containers are also perfect as refrigerator containers since food flavors are also sealed tight. Usually you leave leftovers in plates or bowls inside your refrigerator and these are affected by different flavors and smells inside your fridge. Once I placed leftover fish next to a slice of leftover cake and guess what? What used to be chocolate cake now tastes like fish cake! And not only this, I had to clean my fridge from since every little inch smelled like fish too.
  • Vacuum – sealed containers are also great to prevent pests and insects from invading your food. Ants are the most persistent creatures and these could ruin any kind of food. Once ants smell any kind of food, they are very hardy and will find their way to your food no matter what! Ants could even eat other items such as toothpaste, glue and liquid medications, what more the food in your kitchen? You can significantly reduce pests from ruining your food by storing these in lockable and vacuum-sealed containers.
  • Vacuum – sealed containers are perfect for sealing in temperature for a longer period of time. There are vacuum-sealed thermoses and large food containers that can keep hot food hot and cold food cold longer. And thus you can keep hot chocolate in a vacuum-sealed thermos and take this to work or place hot soup in vacuum containers too. Choose double-walled food containers instead of regular vacuum containers to preserve food temperature longer.
  • Vacuum – sealed containers are shockproof and dustproof. You will find vacuum containers the best food containers when you are packing food for a picnic. Naturally you would wrap food in aluminum foil, place them in plastic or simply put them on regular containers and these make them vulnerable to dust and dirt.

It is a guarantee that you will never spill your food no matter how long or how rough the road may be. Your food will stay safe and sound and ready to be served when you are ready to eat!

Vacuum containers however could be more expensive than regular food containers and this may be one of the reasons why homeowners may not consider using them. Some vacuum containers are even considered a luxury since these are only available in high end stores. However, if you think of the quality that these containers bring to your family and your home, you will certainly consider using these in a heartbeat.

More uses of vacuum-sealed containers

  • Aside from storing food, you could use these containers to store personal items when you are on the go! Store soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and lotion safely in your lockable containers. Sometimes you need to carry small amounts of toothpaste, shampoo and soap in sachets. You can place these in lockable, vacuum containers to protect your clothes and other items in your bag.
  • Store things that your kids will need for school like crayons and other art supplies safely in a vacuum container. Crayon boxes and art supplies storage containers usually tear and become destroyed after a short while; kids may come home losing crayons, paint and erasers! Prevent these from happening by storing all valuable school equipment such as art supplies and project supplies with the use of lockable containers.
  • Keep snacks handy when you drive or when you commute. Carry chips, nuts, pieces of fruit and candies in handy and lockable vacuum containers. These are easy to store in your car too. Simply stack them up and place them in your glove compartment.
  • Now you do not have to worry about what’s inside bowls and plastic containers. Store food or leftover inside lockable and vacuum-sealed containers and place labels on them. You can find containers that may be labelled with important information such as the type of food, the date it was stored and even the calorie information. You won’t have to play “guess the food” anymore now that you can store them safely on vacuum-sealed containers.

I hope my wonderful experience has opened your eyes on the wonders of food containers and how to store your food safely and securely with lockable and spill proof containers.